In the Same Boat

Way back in 1999 — that’s the year when the Dow first closed above 10,000, if you’re keeping score — Farwell Forrest and I started writing a weekly column for what was then the newly launched canoeing and kayaking website We called our column In the Same Boat, and we continued to write for for 18 years: some 900 columns in all. But nothing lasts forever. When became in 2016, In the Same Boat upped anchor not long afterward. But now …

Tamia Nelson and Farwell Forrest are Back In the Same Boat!

We’re bringing you new columns every week, and we look forward to renewing acquaintances with our longtime readers. In addition, we’ve something to offer both new visitors and old hands alike: a comprehensive collection of our earlier columns. We’re not done yet. We’ve plans for additional offerings in the coming weeks and months, and you can help. So keep in touch — and welcome aboard!

Accept No Substitutes. It’s easy to get lost and misdirected on the Internet. The upshot? If you’ve been searching for In the Same Boat, or looking for a favorite column by Tamia Nelson or Farwell Forrest, an online search may misinform and send you to articles disguised as the real deal. So be on your guard. When a search for In the Same Boat, Farwell Forrest, or Tamia Nelson (the scribbler, not the singer) takes you anywhere but Back in the Same Boat or Tamia Nelson’s Outside, you’ve been given the wrong heading. We’re Back in the Same Boat. Accept no substitutes.

– Tamia Nelson

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Tamia Nelson & Farwell Forrest are In the Same Boat - (c) Tamia Nelson/Verloren Hoop Productions