What Am I to Wear?

The key to enjoying bicycling is to be comfortable in the saddle. If your backside is in agony, you’ll be glad to see the back of your bike and never ride again. If your hands go numb after five minutes on the road, you’ll give up. That’s why choosing your wardrobe thoughtfully is so important, and why so many avid cyclists stand out in a crowd for their tight clothes and funny tan-lines. They’ve long since learned that cycling enjoyment hinges, in part, on dressing for comfort in the saddle.

Cycling clothing can look as silly as bike helmets, but like helmets, specialty clothes serve a purpose and do the job well. But do you have to wear immodest skin-tight lycra? Nope. You can get the best of both worlds by mixing and matching bike-specific clothes and street clothes. What you choose to wear depends to some degree on what you plan to do. A long ride dictates one kind of outfit, a short trek to the store means another.

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The Basic Cycling Wardrobe

Clothes for Hot Weather

Clothes for Wet or Cold Days

DIY Projects

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