Hauling the Load and Shopping By Bike

Can you do the grocery shopping with a bike? Sure you can! Is it possible to haul a whole week’s food with a bike? Definitely! But you need to prepare. There’s more to bringing home your purchases than hopping on the bike with a backpack slung over your shoulders. Though you can transport goods in a backpack, it’s easier, safer, and less stressful on your body to let the bike — and possibly a trailer — do the work of a mule. To find out how, click on the links below.

Hauling Mass - (c) Tamia Nelson Image on Tamiasoutside.com - Verloren Hoop Productions

Hardware for Hauling Stuff

Handlebar Bags and Pouches

Panniers, Saddle Bags, and Rack Trunks

Bike Trailers

Getting the Shopping Home in Good Order

Hauling the Shopping in Panniers - (c) Tamia Nelson - Verloren Hoop - Tamiasoutside.com

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