Cycling Safety & Well-Being

Cycling is a lot of fun, but it can be risky, too. Hedge your bets against getting hurt by taking some precautions. Thoughtful outfitting of you and your bike, along with defensive cycling behavior, will help make your rides pleasurable and safe.

So how do we stay safe when bicycling? To begin with, wear a helmet. If you take a spill, crash into a dog that darts under your wheel, or if someone opens a car door in front of you and you can’t come to a stop in time, your skid lid could make the difference between gibbering for the rest of your life and walking away from the accident. Ride defensively, too. In other words, keep an eye open ahead, to the sides, and behind you for hazards. Learn how to “hold your line” when in traffic. And make sure your bike is outfitted for safety — lighting and reflectors, a rearview mirror (or two), a bell, and a sound machine all help keep you safe. There’s more, but that’s where the following articles will help. So, dig on in!

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