Nov 10 2009

Inquiring Eye

The Long View

Whether you cycle, paddle, or venture forth on your own two feet, chances are that you take a camera along. Or perhaps you prefer to record the sights you see by keeping a journal, or by painting pictures, or by sketching. Whatever medium you use, you have an inquiring eye. This is the place for you.

The following links are to an ever-growing archive of articles for photographers and artists who enjoy doing their thing outside. You’ll find evaluations of gear we’ve used, suggestions for outfitting and carrying your tools, and tips on improving your technique. Check back often. We update this index as new articles are published at TNO. And if there’s something you’d like to see addressed, just drop us a line and say so.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Tamia Nelson

Note to Readers:  We’re spiffing up TNO, bringing indexes up to date, and generally improving site utility. This can lead to links that go nowhere, so if you hit a dead end please let us know through the TNO Contact page and we’ll do our best to correct the error. Thanks!

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Photographic Equipment and Evaluations


Packing and Carrying Your Photo Gear


Dressing for Outdoor Shoots


Photographic Technique


Photomontages, Galleries, and Reflections


Eye and Hand—Practical Art for Peripatetic People

The Naturalist’s Kit Bag and Musings

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