Let’s Eat!

A cyclist’s got to eat! So does a hiker and hillwalker, skier and snowshoer. Food and drink are the fuels for those who get around by muscle power. After all, without fuel, the engine — that’s you, in case you’re in any doubt — you aren’t going to get very far. That’s why provisioning and eating well are important for active outdoorsfolk. Want to know more about cooking in camp, or do you need a recipe for energy bars and bonk busters, or are you uncertain how to purify wild water? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our archived articles linked below touch on these and many other related topics.

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For eighteen years, Tamia Nelson wrote a monthly column called “It’s Alimentary, My Dear,” in which she offered tips, recipes, and guidance in all aspects of provisioning, preparing, and outfitting for eating under primitive conditions. And because keeping healthy requires precautions, there are articles also on the very necessary topics of keeping safe and clean under trying conditions. These articles are archived on our sibling site, Back in the Same Boat. Don’t be fooled by the title into thinking that “It’s Alimentary, My Dear” articles are only for canoeists and kayakers. They’re just as relevant to other outdoor explorers, from hillwalkers to cyclists, skiers to snowshoers. Not only that, but you’ll also find articles on meals to make at home. After all, we don’t eat only when we’re outdoors, right?

“It’s Alimentary, My Dear” articles are archived under the following broad categories, so click through to explore the subject that interests you:

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