Cyclotouring Trips: From Overnighters to Long Jaunts

Planning to go places on your bike? Overnight, over the hills, or overseas, a tour’s duration and location makes little difference, the vital elements are the same for everyone—being warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot, dry when it’s wet, and staying well-fed and hydrated so your internal engine keeps ticking over smoothly. And then there’s the business of keeping your bike in good shape, too, without squeaks, wobbles or mechanical failures. The articles below should give you a start answering questions every cyclotourist has. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know and we’ll do what we can to remedy that.

Kitted Up for Heading Out - (c) Tamia Nelson Image on - Verloren Hoop Productions

« Table of Contents »

« On the Bike »

First Things

Bike Accessories

Bike Racks

Handlebar and Other Bags, and Rack Trunks


Bike Trailers

Bike Tools

Tires, Tubes, and Punctures

Lights and Reflectors

Hauling Hydration

Mudflaps and Why You Should Use Them

« Outfitting Your Body »

Protecting Your Brain Case

What to Wear?

Keeping Warm

« Health and Safety »


Health, Wellbeing, and First Aid

Your Cloak of Visibility

« On the Road »

Coping With Terrain and the Elements

« Camp Sweet Camp »

Little Things

Gimme Shelter

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

« Road Food! Eats for Cyclists on the Go »

Thirst is a Dangerous Thing

Keeping Energy Up

Meal Time!

Desserts and Snacks

The Cyclotourist’s Cook Kit

« Entertainments on Tour »

« Armchair Adventuring »

« The Big Picture »

Autumn Tour - (c) Tamia Nelson Image on - Verloren Hoop Productions

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