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Devices and Desires Redux: The Facebook Follies

‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world.

by Farwell Forrest | March 19, 2018

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A bitter harvest? It sure sounds like it. A swelling chorus of insiders are affirming what we’ve long suspected, that Facebook is harvesting the most intimate details of our (once) private lives and then turning a blind eye when their lovingly curated data is used to target political ads and influence the outcome of national elections. Facebook’s flacks deny this, of course. But maybe you don’t find their “hear no evil, see no evil” shtik convincing. (We certainly don’t.) Or maybe you’re simply tired of letting a bourse of billionaires decide what you should read and see and do. If so, why not “go commando”? Drop Facebook, leave tweeting to the birds, and start rediscovering the real world, in all its untidy, unfiltered splendor.

That’s where we come in. Tamia Nelson’s Outside and Back in the Same Boat are celebrations of freedom—freedom to go where YOU want, do what YOU want, and see what YOU want. Canoeing, cycling, hillwalking… … Continue reading »

Heads Up! Site Maintenance Complete, but…

March 4, 2018.  We have completed major site maintenance and so far all seems to be in order. However, there may still be links that don’t go where they should, or images that don’t “paint.” If this happens, and if you’re disposed to give us a hand, please make a note of the link you were trying to go to or the image page that doesn’t show up, and drop us a line at our Contact page. Thanks for your patience!… Continue reading »