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May 29 2015

Photo Finish for May 29, 2015: A New Leaf

Six months of gray skies, bare branches, and dirty snow are only a fading memory now. The earth has turned over a new leaf. Or leaves. Like these two-week-old maple leaves, backlit by a beaming sun in a cloudless sky.

Fiat Lux!


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May 22 2015

Photo Finish for May 22, 2015: Resurgam!

Naturam expelles furca, tamen usque recurret. “You can drive nature away with a pitchfork, but she’ll always return.” And that’s as true today as it was when the poet Horace wrote his Epistles, in the early years of the Roman Empire.

Of course, if Horace were writing today, he’d do well to substitute “lawn tractor” for “pitchfork.” After all, that’s how most modern Americans keep nature at bay. The substitution wouldn’t alter Horace’s message, though. For proof, consider this tiny white pine, rooted in a concrete slab. Whoever cleared the former woodland and poured the concrete likely thought his handiwork would endure forever, unchanged and unchanging, impervious to all the elements. But nature had other ideas. And she has all the time in the world to do her work.

It’s a lesson we’d do well to learn.


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May 15 2015

Photo Finish for May 15, 2015: Sumer Is Icumen In …

Canada’s upcoming Victoria Day weekend marks the quasi-official start of the summer holiday season in New York’s Borderlands. Soon the tourist tide will swell to High Water Summer levels, ebbing and flowing across the St. Lawrence in a stately dance, set to the music of humming tills. This is what Chambers of Commerce on both sides of the international border are hoping, at any rate.

Meanwhile, the earth goes about her own business, observing no calendar but that dictated by the sun. So if you’re headed south (or north) this weekend, and you plan to spend some of your time out of doors, don’t be fooled: It may be summertime in the HyperMarts, but its still spring in the hills — and spring can be mighty frosty.

Frosty Morning


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May 01 2015

Photo Finish for May 1, 2015: Emergence

Where are the snows of yesterweek? Gone without a trace, leaving a legacy of fast-flowing rivers, swollen with snowmelt. And spring? Where is spring? In the furled leaves and thrusting buds of these water lilies.

The green fuse is lit. Spring is about to explode.

Here Come the Lilies

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Apr 24 2015

Photo Finish for April 24, 2015: Spring Is on the Wing!

The return of the red-winged blackbird to the Adirondack foothills signals that spring is well and truly under way, and I was hoping to capture the moment in pixels. But blackbirds don’t hold still for any photographer, and my chosen subject picked an inopportune moment to take flight. Still, all was not lost. A few moments spent with GIMP — a sort of open-source Photoshop ideally suited to the needs (and wallets) of impecunious hacks — and I had this. It’s more Turner than Norman Rockwell, to be sure, but it seems to capture the moment when the living earth is on the cusp of a new beginning.

Taking Flight

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Apr 10 2015

Photo Finish for April 10, 2015: Water Lilies on Ice

The River is wakening from its winter sleep. And here’s one of the signs of spring: water-ice lilies. They’re disks of ice about the size of dinner plates (or water lily leaves), and they form during spring’s freeze-thaw cycles, at the outside of meanders or in the pools below steep drops. Dozens collect in large eddies, jostling together with a pleasing chime-like tinkle.

It was that soft chiming that drew my attention to these, and I’m glad I happened along. Water-ice lilies are short-lived. You have to be in the right place at the right time to see them. And now you have seen them, too.

Water-Ice Lilies

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