Jan 21 2009

Outside Afoot

Trekking on Wide Feet

I’m taking a hike. I’m hitting the trail. I’m heading out. What do you feel when you hear any of these comments? A desire to pull on your hiking boots? A wish to pack up your rucksack and head out? A thrilling tingle up the spine and a sense of adventure? Me, too.

So what’s your fancy, then? How about a stroll through the woods. Or a brisk march along a windy beach. Perhaps a scramble up a rocky crag, or a ‘shoe through powdery, deep snow. Or maybe you’re a wildlife watcher and like to move out in see your favorite critters. You’ve all come to the right place. Just select the titles below which interest you. Check back often as we publish more articles about heading outside afoot.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Tamia Nelson

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Safety in the Field

Fitness, Health, and Well-Being

Dressing for Trekking

Gear for Outdoorsfolk

Way-for and How-to for Trekkers

Outside in Winter—Gear and Techniques

Navigation, Field Communications, and Map Care

Journeys Outside

Reflections, Commentary, and Philosophical Rambling

All About Turtles and Amphibians

Hazards and Threats to Wildlife

Small World! Insects, Spiders, Bugs…

Feathered Friends

Furry Friends

The World of Fungi and Plants

The Lively World of Trees

Heavens Above! Astronomy and Weather

Still Water and Swift


Geology and Earth History

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Gone Snowshoeing