May 11 2008

About Us

Welcome to Tamia Nelson’s Outside! What’s your fancy? Bicycling for pleasure? To get to work? To get fit? Then we’ll probably see you on the road. Are you a seasoned paddler? Or are you just getting started? Do you have your eye on a kayak, canoe, or sit-on-top? Then come aboard! Or maybe you enjoy striding forth on foot, with or without a camera or binoculars in hand. We’re glad you stopped by. However you like to travel, if you let your muscles move you, you’ve come to the right place.

Bottom line? TN Outside is dedicated to no-octane enjoyment, and through our writing, photographs, and artwork, we’re happy to pass on what we’ve seen and learned. We’re active cyclists, but we also enjoy watching the pros, because their grace and skill are inspiring and their feats are exciting. We’re paddlers, as well, exploring still waters and swift. And we’re inveterate trekkers on foot in all seasons, letting our legs carry us to destinations as near as the backyard and as distant as the world’s remotest corners.

Good companions make any journey more enjoyable. So why not come along? After all, you’ve already taken the first step. But first, a few words on some important subjects, beginning with our…

Copyright Policy  This website and all of its contents are protected under copyright, with all rights, including moral rights, reserved by the authors, photographers, and artists. Please do not redistribute or reprint any part of this website without express written permission. One exception is “TNO’s Printable Quick Guide for Turtle Taxis,” which may be printed for personal use without prior permission. However, attribution must be retained, and it may not be reprinted in a hardcopy book or pamphlet form, or electronically published on social media sites, nor may it be sold or incorporated into commercial sites. We reserve the option of rescinding these privileges at any time without prior notice.

Privacy Policy  TN Outside welcomes comments, critiques, and suggestions from readers. We will never sell, trade, or share private email addresses, names, or postal addresses without express written consent, nor will we reprint reader mail, in whole or in part, without prior permission. Reprinted letters may be edited for length or clarity, however, and we reserve the right to add links to previously published articles or other resources wherever and whenever appropriate.

Product Evaluations Policy  TN Outside never accepts payment for product endorsements, nor do we accept product samples from manufacturers or their representatives. The two exceptions to this rule in the past have been review (i.e., free) copies of books and maps, which we donated to local libraries after our article had gone to press. But having discovered that most of these donated items ended up on the tables at the next library book sale — presumably to make room for a tenth copy of 100,000 Shades of Green (or a 15th copy of Mary Plodder and the Half‑Baked Quince), we stopped soliciting review copies of books, too. Now we limit ourselves to writing about what we purchase through normal retail channels, and nothing else, though on rare occasions we’ll write a product analysis of something we don’t own and have never used, based solely on manufacturers’ claims, published specifications, or the experience of friends.

“Outside” is a state of mind that implies adventure, exploration, unlimited expanses—if only in the imagination—and freedom. But it also means hitting the road, or heading down the trail, or putting a boat in the water. It’s what we do, and here’s who we are:



Tamia Nelson, Executive Editor  For half a century, Tamia Nelson has ranged far and wide by bike, boat, and on foot. A geologist by training, an artist since she could hold a pencil, a photographer from the age of 10 when her uncle gave her a twin-lens reflex camera, she’s made her living as a writer for two decades. Her interests span natural history, social history, food and cooking, architecture and art, and she has broad experience as a transportational bicyclist and cyclotourist, mountaineer, whitewater and expedition paddler, snowshoer, and downhill and XC skier. Tamia is also an amateur architect and is finalizing a design for a tiny house from salvaged recycled materials and which will, with luck, go from drawing board to three-dimensions later this year.


Marcos Netto


Marcos Netto, Southern Hemisphere Correspondent and Photographer  After more than 20 years as a commercial and wedding photographer, Marcos made a radical career move by joining the board of directors for the mineral water company, Itati. That left some spare time for cycling, one of his passions. It all began a few years before when he suffered a knee injury during a soccer game, forcing Marcos to look for another sport. Cycling fit his needs perfectly! He found it to be a great way to stay fit while practicing a low-impact sport that was a lot of fun and let him make new friends every day. Now Marcos uses his free time to travel with his bikes and cameras as companions. He enjoys posting cyclotourist images online, helping to spread the word about how fun it is to get around by bike and the benefits of cycling for your mood and health. Do you Twitter? Then you can tweet Marcos, and subscribe to his RSS feed.




Anthony T. Jancek, Contributing Photographer  When he’s not coordinating the maintenance staff at the public school where he’s senior custodian, Tony’s out and about exploring the world with his camera. A keen observer with particular interests in birds and wild landscapes, he’s also an enthusiastic cook, computer hardware wizard, and an accomplished green thumb.


Pat McKay


Pat McKay, Contributing Photographer  Following a 33 year career with the IRS, the most taxing part of Pat’s day now is deciding how best to enjoy the great outdoors. An avid cyclist, backpacker, paddler, and gardener for many years, Pat combines his love for these activities with his love of photography to showcase the beautiful Delmarva Peninsula where he resides.