SameBoat Shorts: You Don’t Always Want to Go Straight, Do You?

Last week Farwell checked out boats’ bottoms. Now, in the latest in our series of SameBoat Shorts, he’s stepping to the side to eyeball their keel lines. Some are straight, and some are not. What’s the difference? And more importantly, does it matter? Give Farwell three minutes of your time, and he’ll answer both questions.

by Farwell Forrest | February 13, 2018

Seen from above, most canoes taper to a point at each end. But now look at the same boats in profile. Some rest square on their keels from stem to stern — or front to back, if you prefer. Others rise noticeably at both ends. Some rise only a little and some rise a lot, but either way, this rise is called rocker. To see how it got that name, just put a canoe with a lot of rocker on a level floor. Then press down on either end. See? It rocks back and forth. Of course, canoes aren’t cradles, are they? So, what’s the point of rocker? The answer is simple: … Continue reading this article…