Devices and Desires: Have I Got a Tweet for You!

Last week Farwell promised he’d take a closer look at devices — the smartphones and tablets that have become essential props in our day‑to‑day lives, on and off the water. Are they really the “fetters on free spirits” that he suggested? Or has he got it wrong? Read his latest column and see what you think. But be warned: This is much longer than your typical tweet.

by Farwell Forrest | February 9, 2018

Not too long ago, in another place, I had occasion to mention a book with an unlikely title: The Man Who Loved Bicycles. It was written by Daniel Behrman, and yes, I did more than “mention” it.] I praised it to the skies — like the author was my dead brother, to borrow a line from Stewart Pearson. I also tried to explain why a book about one man’s love of bicycles might interest canoeists. I may or may not have succeeded in this endeavor, but I didn’t see any harm in trying. In any case, I hadn’t been paid to promote the book, which was remaindered almost before it was published, and that was back in 1973. It is true that I’d like to see The Man in the stores again, however, and in my earlier column, I went so far as to suggest that if I could somehow find a way, I’d bring out a new edition myself. But to be honest, this was so much wind. Publishing is probably the best way ever invented to lose heaps of money. Until the corporate giants took it over and turned it into a sort of celebrity sweepstakes, the book trade was almost exclusively a rich man’s hobby, an agreeable way to turn a large fortune into a small one. And that lets me out. I am not rich. Far from it.

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