Bottom Lines: What You Can Tell From a Boat’s Body

The trade press and manufacturers’ catalog copy make much of subtle differences in hull form. And while these differences can indeed be meaningful, they’re of most concern to would‑be racers. Still, it’s good to know what the experts are talking about. So today Farwell tackles one aspect of this rather complex topic, and fittingly enough, he starts at the bottom. Got three minutes? Then you’ve got time for SameBoat Shorts.

by Farwell Forrest | February 6, 2018

What shape is your bottom? Don’t take this personally. I’m talking boats, not bums. Of course, if you own a canoe or kayak, you’ll probably know the answer to my question already, but if you’re in the market for your first boat, you’ll want to learn the language. Not all bottoms are alike. When viewed from the bow or stern of a boat, sighting along the keel — naval architects call this view the “body plan” — some hulls appear flat, some are more or less round, and some look like a splayed letter “V.”

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