Knots to Know: The Bowline by Tamia Nelson

Imagine a world without zip‑ties and ratchet straps. Well, if you’re like many trekkers, you won’t have to imagine it. You’ve lived it. The upshot? You need to know something about knots. And one of the most useful knots is also one of the oldest and most celebrated: the bowline, sometimes known as the “king of knots.” So this week, in her latest SameBoat Short, Tamia salutes the monarch.

OK. You’ve got a rope. Now what are you going to do with it? Tie your boat down for the trip to the put‑in? Attach a painter? Track your canoe upstream? Rig a sail? Lower your loaded kayak down a seacliff? Whatever you’ll be using your rope for, you’ll need to put a fixed loop in it sooner or later. Read more…

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