Sep 02 2017

Notice to Mariners! News About In the Same Boat

29 August 2017.  Looking for news about In the Same Boat? Then you’ve come to the right place. After 18 years at, our weekly column has picked up a new mooring. But the old boat needed a refit, and she’ll be in dry dock for a couple of months. We’ll keep you abreast of progress, though, and when the launch date approaches we’ll send up a rocket. So stop by now and then to see how things are going. And if you ever want to get in touch, just drop us a line. We’re always glad to hear from you.

A reminder: This Notice to Mariners is a “sticky.” It will remain at the top of the TNO home page for some months to come. Please check back often for updates.

Tamia Nelson and Farwell Forrest are Back In the Same Boat

24 September 2017 Update.   First things first: Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who’s written to us. Your words of encouragement, your suggestions, and your offers of assistance are much appreciated.

Turning to the news, now: The refit is going well. We’re on schedule and under budget, and if we don’t find dry rot deep in the sternpost, we should be ready to launch on 31 October. That’s the day when our first new column since 29 August will go out into the aether. But if you can’t wait till then, there’s always the backlist. We’re putting all 900-odd of our previously published articles online, along with a comprehensive index. That job should also be done by 31 October, and you can see the progress we’re making right before your eyes. Every couple of days we upload another year of In the Same Boat to the new site. So whether you’re looking for a favorite column or visiting for the first time, you’ll want to check it out.

And while you’re exploring the backlist, please make a note of any problems you see. Typos, inconsistencies, factual errors, formatting glitches… Let us know when (and where) you spot them. One thing is certain: You’re sure to find a few. While we proofed all of our copy carefully before it was first published, we’re only human. In other words, we’ve made our share of mistakes over the years, and we know we didn’t catch them all. We’re doing what we can to make everything shipshape in the time available, of course, but we’d welcome any help you can give us.

Many thanks!