Jun 13 2017

Paddlers’ Pearls from the Man Who Loved Bicycles by Farwell Forrest

Can a book about bicycling have anything to say to canoeists and kayakers? It can—and more than you might think. So this week Farwell returns to The Man Who Loved Bicycles to see what he can find. And you’re invited to come along for the ride.

What does Daniel Behrman, the “Man Who Loved Bicycles,” have to say to canoeists? Well, to begin with, he points out the not-so-hidden messages with which the Mad Men mesmerize the masses into pursuing powersport at any price. Here, for example, is his take on the iconography of the sport car, …

that contradiction in terms, the overhead-cammed, mid-engined, wide-tired wheelchair for the dead tired. … The sport car is nothing but plastic surgery[,] … a four-wheeled phallus, … the ultimate prosthesis.

He is, of course, speaking of cars, but with just a few changes (drop the wheels, add a couple of ‘rudes), he could have been describing the latest offerings from Walleye Warrior or Waterski Warehouse. Nor did he confine himself to questions of power and potency. Behrman addressed issues of substance, as well… Read more…

The Man Who Loved Bicycles?

Originally published at Paddling.com on June 13, 2017

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