Apr 18 2017

A Better Box of Mac Cheese: It Has Bernie’s Rabbit of Approval by Tamia Nelson

Boxed macaroni and cheese makes a memorable camp dinner—for all the wrong reasons. But not all macaroni cheese meals are equally bad. This week, Tamia reports on one brand that breaks the mold.

Let’s face it: By reputation, boxed macaroni and cheese is a meal of last resort, a glutinous melange of limp pasta coated in something that has the texture and appearance of white glue. (This resemblance is not entirely coincidental. Casein glue and cheese are kissing cousins.) And the reality of most macaroni cheese meals often lives up—or down—to their reputation. But to give the devil his due, macaroni cheese is also filling, reasonably calorie-dense, easy to prepare, and cheap. It travels well, too. Which is why it has a place on many paddlers’ menus. Including mine.

Which doesn’t change the fact that there’s an element of penance in sitting down to a such a meal. Even if hunger is the best of sauces, you have to be mighty hungry indeed to elevate the typical HyperMart macaroni and cheese to the level of a gourmet treat. Yet there are exceptions, and I’ve just discovered one: Annie’s Shells & Real Aged Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese… Read more…

Lunch With Bernie - Tamia Nelson Photo

Originally published at Paddling.com on April 18, 2017


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