Feb 28 2017

When Old Clothes Become Old Friends by Tamia Nelson

I can never tell what articles will strike a chord with readers. Which means that I’m often surprised by the number of e-mails I receive. And that was certainly the case in the days after “Eulogy for an Old Friend” appeared last December. After all, a sentimental tribute to a torn and threadbare jacket, no matter how heartfelt, isn’t exactly click bait. Or so I thought. But I was wrong. My electronic mailbox soon overflowed with thoughtful letters. These ranged in tone from the no-nonsense pragmatic to the downright lyrical, and all of them shed new light on a subject I thought I’d already exhausted. And so, with the writers’ permission, I’m going to pass a few of them along, beginning with some good advice from Art Hilderbrandt on a very practical matter: Finding a replacement jacket… Read more…

Old Friends

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