Dec 17 2011

The Pleasures of Winter: Walking on Water

Notwithstanding the mild winter, ice has formed on a nearby beaver pond, and I’m itching to strap on my Yaktrax and head out to see what I can see. After all, this is the only time of the year when I can walk on water.

Beaver Pond Ice

But I’m forcing myself to wait. Why? Because the ice isn’t safe. It takes more than a couple of days of sub-freezing temperatures to make the “frost bridge” firm enough for two-legged travelers to tread without falling through. And I don’t fancy a cold-water swim, no matter how bracing it might be.

So I’m biding my time till General Winter has consolidated his gains. And while I’m waiting, I’m reviewing some earlier articles on winter travel. Maybe you’ll find them useful, too. I hope so.


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