Mar 29 2011

I Love My Canon G-11! Photos by Pat McKay

So says Outside Contributing Photographer Pat McKay, and it’s easy to see why he’s so enamored of his Canon G-11. Just take a look at some of the shots Pat’s taken with the little camera. But now there’s a new chapter in the G-11 story, illustrated by the first photo below. Here’s how Pat tells the tale:

The composition may not be all that interesting, but I like this picture (Eagle Taking Flight) as much as any other wildlife shot that I’ve ever taken. I spotted the eagle on today’s bike ride while it was preoccupied taking a long drink from a puddle that had formed along a farm lane. I didn’t have my DSLR camera with me, but I did have my trusty Canon G-11, so I decided to see how close I could get to take a shot before the eagle flew away. I got off my bike and began walking ever so slowly toward the eagle, stopping whenever it raised its head and looked in my direction. It reminded me of that old game “red light” that we used to play as kids. Much to my surprise, after about five minutes or so, I got within 30 feet of the eagle when it finally decided that enough was enough and took to flight.

This must be the time of year to spot eagles, I was able to get another nice pic (Eagle on the Wing) last week when I happened upon one that was working a deer carcass. That shot was taken with my Canon 7D and my Tammy 70-300mm lens. Perhaps a “better” image, but I feel like I accomplished a bit more with the stalking shot!

And here it is, “Eagle Taking Flight”:

Pat McKay Bald EagleEagle Taking Flight


That’s one impressive bird—and an outstanding performance from a point-and-shoot camera, into the bargain. The shot Pat took with his DSLR and Tamron telephoto lens is below. (Right-click on the pictures to open enlargements in new windows.)

Pat McKay Bald EagleEagle on the Wing


Would Pat have gotten as close to the first eagle if he’d been driving a car instead of riding a bike? I doubt it. And his first trophy shot reminds us that you don’t need the most expensive kit to capture great photos. Good luck plays a role, of course. There’s no substitute for being in right place at the right time. But like a famous man once said, “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” And the rest? Put it down to skill.

Thanks for the reminder, Pat!

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