Mar 11 2011

Photo Finish for March 11, 2011: An Old Friend Comes to Dinner

March weather is mercurial, so it came as no surprise that Wednesday’s balmy temperatures soon gave way before winter’s renewed onslaught, with rain quickly turning to snow. It was a raw night, indeed—not the kind of weather when you expect a friend whom you haven’t seen since November to come calling. But when I peered out the office window just before bedtime, there he was.

And who was my unexpected visitor? A young skunk, that’s who, one of a pair of siblings who’ve visited me before. He was in fine fettle, I’m happy to say, and I was glad to see that winter hadn’t damped his appetite. It was too dark for me to take his photo—I don’t use a flash on wildlife—but he left his signature in the snow for me to find in the morning:

Young Skunk TracksRight-click on the picture to see an enlarged image in a new window.


And that was all he left behind, something that will come as a disappointment to the many folks who visit Outside looking for photos of skunk scat. But don’t give up. I’m sure my friend will be back. Sooner or later he’s bound to oblige.

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