Jan 26 2010

Energize Your Ride With Rice Cakes

Convenient carry-along energy-boosters are vital for anyone who cycles, paddles, and hikes. Everyone has their favorites. I like Hundred-Mile Oatmeal Bars, which are almost a meal in themselves. But I can get tired of sweets after awhile, so like to vary my bonk buster menu with savory foods, too. Baked potatoes are good for that. I just carry them in a plastic bag inside my handlebar bag and nibble on them throughout a ride. But there’s another savory energy booster which even has the sanction of a racing team. Chef Allen Lim of the cycling team Garmin-Chipotle came up with a rice cake recipe that team members eat on the bike during stage races, and they work for me, too. I modified Chef Allen’s recipe a little, and if you want to see his version, watch the video of his technique at the Team Garmin-Chipotle website.

I used short grained rice for this demonstration because it’s what I had on hand, but glutenous rice such as rose rice and sushi rice hold together better as a cake. Here’s the ingredient list:

  • • 1 cup very short grained rice
  • • 2 cups water
  • • pinch salt
  • • 2 eggs
  • • olive oil
  • • ground black pepper
  • • grated Parmesan cheese

Steam the rice and take care not to overcook it. When the rice is done, stir in the salt to taste, and spoon the cooked rice into an eight-inch square baking dish.


Making Rice Cakes

Once the rice cools a little, scramble two eggs in hot olive oil in a small skillet, then slide the eggs onto the rice in the baking dish. Grate in the cheese and grind in the black pepper, then I stir the whole mix together right inside the pan. When the eggs are evenly mixed through, press all the mix together in one end of the pan, so that the cakes is fairly thick.


More Making Rice Cakes

Cover the pan with plastic to so the rice won’t dry out, then put the pan in the refrigerator to cool. After the rice cools through, slice through the packed rice mix to make four bars. Then with a butter knife and a spatula, lift the bars out of the pan and place them each on a sheet of aluminum foil. Press the rice mix with the foil to retain a bar shape as you wrap them into tidy packages. Refrigerate the individually wrapped bars in the refrigerator for storage. When ready to ride, carry the foil-wrapped bars inside plastic, and peel back the foil as you eat them. They’ll hold find for a day’s ride as long as the temperature isn’t too hot.


More Making Rice Cakes

As an alternative, you could try packing the rice mix into small aluminum pie pans before cooling them, then upturn the cooled rice “pies” and carry them in plastic bags. Or you might want to try cooling the rice without bothering to pack them into bar shapes, then roll the chilled rice mix inside tortillas. Then roll the egg-rice tortillas in foil and chill them to be ready for your ride. Yum!

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