Jul 04 2009

Shooting Pandas:
Pictures from the Saddle

Alan at Ecovelo has a great photo shot from his bike underway, under the title “A New Sport: Extreme Panda Portraits.” As it happens, the day before I read Alan’s post, I shot some photos while underway in the hopes of getting unusual angles of cycling from the height of a pedal. It’s fun to see what you get, but be forewarned: Don’t attempt shots like this in traffic! It’s all too easy to lose balance and crash, so wear your helmet if you’re going to try shooting this kind of photo!

Here are a few of the shots I got. The bright green reflections are from the hi-viz jersey I was wearing as well as from the roadside woods, which were especially brilliantly green that day:


A Wide Foot


Hi-Viz Reflections


A Wide Foot






Spinning Wheel

See more such photos in the Outside Up North Photo Gallery.

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