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A Printable Quick Guide for Turtle Taxis

Turtle Taxis are folks who help turtles cross roads. Click on the link below for a print-friendly page and carry a copy on your travels as a reminder to how to lift turtles and carry them to safety.

Be Safe  DO NOT endanger yourself. Always be aware of traffic and do not step in front of moving vehicles.

Lifting Turtles  The largest snappers can be lifted without anyone being hurt. Approach them from behind. Firmly but gently use both hands to grasp turtles between their front and rear legs as shown in the pictures to the right. The turtle’s head should face away from you. Keep the turtle low to the ground. He might kick, stretch his neck up and sideways, and snap. Keep behind and don’t lean over him so his mouth can’t reach you. Never lift turtles by the tail!—this can cause spinal injuries which leave them paralyzed.

Where to Take Turtles?  Take the turtle in the direction he/she is heading, and leave him/her safely 10 to 12 feet away from the road edge.

Helping Injured Turtles  Collect any broken shell pieces and keep them as whole as possible. Gently put the turtle in a dark container that allows air inside. Call a wildlife rehabilitator. Find a rehabber by contacting a state fish & game department, or local veterinarian and ask for a reference. Or go online at http://wildliferehabinfo.org/ContactList_MnPg.htm. Learn more about helping turtles by visiting http://www.tamiasoutside.com/turtletaxi/ for detailed information.