Mar 05 2009

The Turtle and the Cyclist

On a training ride for his 2008 cross country tour along the ACA’s Northern Tier route, Jerry Wick passed a turtle who was crossing the road. Concerned, Jerry turned around to be certain the turtle made it safely across. He took this photo:


Shy Turtle

Photo reprinted with kind permission from Jerry WIck

It’s turtle season already in many parts of the country, and in a month or so will be warm enough for turtles here in the northern Adirondacks of New York. Cyclists are in a prime position to see turtles crossing roads. Unfortunately, not all turtles make it through the gauntlet of motorized traffic. Give them a hand crossing the road, but be safe doing it. Learn how by reading “Help Turtles Cross Roads.”

Have you been a turtle taxi and saved a lucky critter from being hit by cars? Do you have a story or pictures to share? Just send us an email and we’ll publish your comments and turtle pictures in our “Turtle Portrait Gallery.”

Anyone who’s dreamed of getting on their bike and heading out to the “territories” will enjoy reading Jerry Wick’s and others’ journals at crazyguyonabike, an excellent resource for folks preparing for bike tours, short and long.



Thanks for the helping hand

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