Feb 05 2009

Let There Be Light! The Lowdown on Alan Barnard’s Custom Fork Mounts

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to how other cyclists mount lights on their bikes, especially if the solution is a DYI project. I’s no surprise, then, that I was curious about where Alan Barnard got the classy brackets he uses to mount his twin headlights to the braze-ons on his Surly Long Haul Trucker fork.

Alan's Surly Headlight Mount

As far as I knew, you couldn’t buy these mounts off the peg, but Alan passed on where he got them. The answer? They’re custom-built. Here’s what Alan has to say about his A.N.T. light brackets:

Mike Flanigan at A.N.T. fabricated a very nice pair of brackets for mounting my Fenix L2D flashlights on my mid-fork lowrider braze-ons. Mounting the lights closer to the ground is quite an improvement. In this lower position, they more effectively illuminate the road close to the bike while also throwing more light down the road.

See more photos of Alan’s lighting solution at his website, EcoVelo. Thanks to Alan for letting Outside Up North use his photo so we can highlight an alternative to handlebar-mounted headlights.

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