Jan 24 2009

Know How to Fold ‘em—Packing NEOS Trekkers®

One of the selling points of fabric overshoes is their packability, but until recently I rarely packed my NEOS Trekkers®. When I did want to stow them in my pack, I simply rolled the uppers around the soles and shoved the package into a recycled plastic shopping bag. It wasn’t a tidy solution, nor did my haphazard folding method create the smallest parcel, but that didn’t matter at the time.

A couple weeks ago I wanted to take my Trekkers along in a small duffle with some spare clothes for an overnight road trip into the lake effect snow belt. Lake effect snow can cause whiteout conditions and dump many inches of snow in an hour (for more about lake effect snow, read this Wikipedia article). I didn’t want to get caught without a way to keep my feet and legs dry and warm if I needed to trudge through the drifts. I had to find a better way to fold my Trekkers, and as it happens, it’s as easy as one, two, three. Here’s how:


Know How to Fold 'em

Work with one boot at a time. Compress the fabric uppers to expel all the air trapped inside the boot. Fold the top of the upper in half, bringing the top seam down to the ankle—the left side photo above shows how. Now roll the folded upper down like you would close a lunch bag—see the middle picture. Press the folded upper as flat as practicable and bring the ankle strap up over the roll of fabric—the right side picture illustrates this. Clamp the buckle closed, and repeat the process with the second boot.


Buckle Up!

The folded Trekker makes a tidy package, as the photo above proves. A more fastidious person could probably do a better job of folding, but I was satisfied.

Stack the boots sole-to-sole (be sure to brush off any crud first!), and place them into a recycled plastic shopping bag, expel the air from the bag, and you’re ready to pack the Trekkers into a duffle or rucksack. NEOS sells a foam storage case for Trekkers for about USD10, and while they’re classy, I like the idea of recycling the ubiquitous shopping bag.

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