Jan 14 2009

Wade In Deep! Evaluating NEOS Trekkers®

It’s always hard when you lose an old friend, and I was indeed sorry to see my last pair of wellies give up the ghost. Then the demise of my felt-lined pacs added insult to injury. But I couldn’t afford to go into mourning. General Winter was camped on my doorstep. I needed new shoes, and I needed them right now. Luckily, I found a suitable replacement in the guise of modern-day overshoes.

So baby’s got new shoes. Two pairs of them, in fact. I wrote about the insulated NEOS Explorers® last week, and now it’s time to evaluate the NEOS Trekkers®, an uninsulated boot that rivals wellies’ traits. They aren’t going to score many fashion points, and they won’t win me any friends among the landy (as in “Landrover-owning”) aristocracy in their two-hundred dollar wellies, but that’s OK. My Trekkers have got me dancing down the trail, dry-shod and toasty warm. And that’s what really matters. Read more…

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Wading Right In